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Balanced stonesTA Psychotherapy Foundation Course (Transactional Analysis) (Accredited by UKCP)

For qualified counsellors & those in other professions wishing to learn more about Psychotherapy (UKCP Accredited)

  • outstanding individual support
  • unique classroom setting (experiential and theoretical)
  • enhance existing qualifications
  • accredited by the UKCP and recognised by UKATA

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Course Details

The Foundation course in TA provides an in-depth introduction to the key concepts of TA and their application. It can stand alone as a year for personal and professional development, and it provides the first of 4 years of our Advanced TA psychotherapy course, for those wishing to pursue a full training in psychotherapy.

The Foundation course can also provide a route to TA training in other fields (educational or organisational work), or to training in counselling.

Each of the modules focusses on a particular aspect of TA theory, which builds into a broad overview of TA theory and its use in practice. In addition, the transactional analytic approach is integrated with the development and practice of effective listening and counselling skills.

Venue: Exeter

Duration: 9 months, part-time

Assessment: Two assignments and presentation

: Iron Mill College Certificate of completion for the Transactional Analysis Foundation course.  Students who are members of UKATA and who complete the course would also be eligible to apply for the UKATA Transactional Analysis Award.

Exeter Timetable:
November 6th 2021:

  • Runs on 9 weekends (Saturdays 9.30am - 5.30pm; Sundays 9.30am - 5.00pm), over 9 months. Please find full schedule of course dates for 2020-21 in the "Download" box to the lefthand side of this page.
  • Deadline for applications is three weeks before the start of the course. 
  • Applications received less than three weeks before the start of the course will be processed at the discretion of the Programmes Lead. If this is the case, please contact us for further details as soon as possible.

Applicants must have:

  • A degree or another equivalent/relevant qualification and/or suitable life experience.
  • A TA 101 workshop certificate (preferably prior to commencement of training, otherwise the TA 101 workshop must be undertaken during the Foundation Year course).

If you are interested in this course, you may wish to first book onto one of our Open Days or Open Evenings to find out more.

How to apply:

You can apply by submitting the following documents and items:

  • A completed Entry Level Courses application form (available to download from 'Download' section of this web page).

Application documents can be submitted by email to admissions@ironmill.co.uk

Please note: we are only accepting correspondence by email or phone throughout the coronavirus situation. 

Final application date

The deadline for applications is 4 weeks before the start of the course.  A decision will be made on whether the course will run, based on confirmed and accepted places, 4 weeks before the start date of the course.  Any applications received after the 4 week deadline will only be processed at the discretion of the Programmes Lead. 

Selection for interview:

Selection is on the basis of information provided in your application (as above). We will send you an invitation to come for an interview once these documents are in place.

At interview:

This will include a 1 hour group discussion and a 30 minute individual interview. You will need to set aside time between 10am and 3pm on the interview date for the interview process (if you need to leave earlier, it may be possible to negotiate an early individual interview timeslot on the day).

The following personal and professional readiness criteria are used as part of the assessment of whether students are ready to progress from the Foundation Year in TA to the Advanced TA course, and to progress from year to year in the Advanced TA course. Therefore, at interview for the Foundation Year course, we ask you to consider these criteria, and be able to identify and discuss those that you would find most challenging.

Students should show the capacity to:

  • Relate from a stance of respect and mutual interest.
  • Communicate in an open and respectful manner 
  • Show evidence of awareness of professional and ethical standards. 
  • Take responsibility for your physical and emotional well being. 
  • Take an active and shared responsibility for getting your learning needs met in the course.
  • Cope with the varied demands of the course including the fulfilment of financial obligations, the timely completion of assignments and active participation in the course, e.g. discussions, sharing of case material, live work under supervision in the large group, small group exercises and group process.

Students should demonstrate a growing ability to:

  • Be aware of your own process and communicate it when appropriate in a coherent and open way, relating it to the course content when relevant. 
  • Give constructive feedback. receive constructive feedback, reflect upon it and make use of it. 
  • Learn to deal with the challenge of unhelpful feedback.
  • Demonstrate a capacity for self reflexivity. 
  • Be active in the group process component of the course. 
  • Be aware of the boundary between therapy and training in a way that the training task can remain foreground. 
  • Relate course content and theory to practice. 
  • Integrate new material with previous theory and ideas. 
  • Be aware of the limitations of your level of expertise and work within it. 
  • Participate in skills exercises and the clinical practice component related to the course content at a level of competence appropriate to the stage of training. 
  • Experiment and learn from mistakes. 
  • Experience uncertainty and difficult feelings without becoming rigid, demanding or incapacitated by anxiety.

Upcoming intakes:


Exeter Weekend intake: 6th Novemeber 2021. 


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What our Students Say

“My experience with the Iron Mill has been a significantly positive journey to date."
Joanne Blenny - Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling Student

What our Students Say

"I have never before learned so much about myself and about where I want to go in the future. I couldn't imagine a better place for my development than at the Iron Mill. The tutors, staff and students are all fantastic. Thanks to all of them."
Jess Houghton - Certificate in Counselling Student
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